Monday, February 15, 2010

Always Together

Rain falling like tears, yet today is that day I finally tell her. I wonder how she will react, what she will say. Heh, I know for sure everything will be great because it's her and whenever I'm with her I can't stop smiling, laughing, nor do I ever think that when were together we don't have a good time. Tonight's our night, and I'll make sure everything goes well. *doorbell rings* that must be her. Well here goes.

He slowly walks down the stairs and to the door and slowly opens it and notices a very beautiful woman at his front door dressed in a nice red/black dress with high heels and her hair up all nicely with beautiful green eyes.

"Hello there" the guy said. "H-hi" said the woman shyly. "Ready to go? I have are reservations at the Farest Night Restaurant" said the guy. "Oh sounds romantic. Let's go then" said the woman. They then both walk down the stair and he opens the car door for her and then he gets on the other side and gets in as well and drive away too the Farest Night. After 5 minutes they arrive at the Restaurant and sit down with Menu's in hands. "Wow! This is such a nice place. How did you get reservations for here?" said the woman. "Well I called in and asked for a reservation" said the guy. "Such a smartass hehe" said the woman. "Well you know me, I just wanted to make this night special for us" said the guy. "Well, so far it's turning out to be a very good night" said the woman.

As they sit and talk for a bit the waiter shows up and asks them what they would like. They order there drinks and there food and as time passes they then finish up and pay them and thank them for the great meal. As he drives back to her place he walks her up the stairs to her door. "Hey, thanks for a great dinner, would you like to come in?" said the woman. "Oh no, I shouldn't, I don't want to be bugging you if anything" said the guy. "No, don't worry I'm not busy or anything tonight. I finished any work I had this morning. So please come in" she said. "Alright then" said the guy. As he walks in he literally stand for about a minute staring at her walls and seeing all the art works and poems she has posted up. "Wow I never knew you had a talent for art or poetry, this is all so amazing" said the guy. "Well what can I say I love art, and poetry. I can listen to very soothing music and write my poetry or sketch my art. It's my passion" said the woman. "Wow! You'll be a success for sure if you ever showed contributors these" said the guy. "Well to be honest you're the first person to ever see these" said the woman. Surprised the guy walks to her and wraps his arms around her and tells her 3 words that made her start to cry. I love you…

They passionately hold each other and kiss deeply lip to lip and hold one another. "I couldn't hold back anymore. I just had to tell you tonight" said the guy. "I was going to tell you how I felt as well. I'm glad we feel the same, I'm glad I can finally tell you that I have you in my heart and to know that you love me, means more to me then life" said the woman. "I could never leave you, I love you to dearly much for that. Your smile brings joy to my life everyday and your heart shines so bright it lights up my day" said the guy. "I will always love you forever" said the woman. "As will I my dear" said the guy. They kiss more and hold each other more and hang out for the rest of the night playing games and watching the woman do her art and write her poetry know that this is all only the beginning for the two as they continue on with their lives. What will come? What will happen? Only for them to find out as the grow ever so older together forever.

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